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Our Mission


Don't just outwork, outcompete.

what we do

Training121 is a supplemental training company that offers various tools for current players/coaches to help improve their footballing & life skills. Our environment stretches beyond the pitch and across our social media channels where we have over 500,000 followers between Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok & LinkedIn.

We at​ Training121 aim to provide the tools for our clients self-development in sport and life by having a player-centred approach to create a challenging learning environment. We strive to always provide value to all those who follow us across our social media platforms and those who attend pitch sessions with us 

Our players will be supported in their technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social development as people and football players. 

Training 121 - Prepare For Your Moment 

Our model

We have a holistic approach to player development where we focus on the big picture. Sport is a part of life and a career in sport is short which is why we focus on developing people as well as players.


The lessons learned need to be applicable to life beyond football which is why at a surface level, our services are based on the X's and O's of football but they have a foundation made up of the deep rooted core values that we at Training121 believe to be fundamental for one to live a meaningful life.

This document highlights our methodology and how we feel it can benefit a players development in their footballing journey in collaboration with their own team training sessions. 

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